Mind 2 Body Fitness


We are carefully following the state’s reopeningri plan for social distancing, masks, cleaning etc. Here's our current protocols ...

Before You Arrive:

  1. 1.Client's must enter and exit with a mask. Please be aware -- there's a clinic at the base of the entrance ramp that is doing Covid testing. (You'll see the white tent) So you'll want to wear a mask in the parking lot!

  2. 2.Keep your mask on until you get on the equipment. Please be aware that if you choose to take your mask off to exercise, the recommendation is to maintain 14 feet of distance (because of the forced exhale... yep the blowsuck!)

  3. 3.Please DO NOT come if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms or a positive Covid test — There is a screening checklist on the door. If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, please turn around and go home! Late cancel fees will be waived.

Upon Arrival:

  1. 1.Wash your hands! We have installed no touch soap dispensers.

  2. 2.Remove your shoes downstairs. Socks are now required - you must take them with you to be laundered. Nothing should be stored in the cubbies for now.

  3. 3.You may wait on the benches but please keep your distance from anyone entering or exiting.

During Your Session:

  1. 1.You will be working on only one or two apparatus with minimal props! Please be aware that you may end up on the tower or chair downstairs. Maria and Clary will determine the safest way to organize clients and maintain proper distance.

  2. 2.You will change your own springs, gears, footbar, and make all adjustments. Now is your chance to learn to become self-sufficient on the apparatus!

  3. 3.We suggest you bring your own water bottles and towels. If you take a water from the fridge you need to bring the empty bottle with you when you leave.

  4. 4.We are working on the most efficient and safe airflow (AC, fans, or Windows) so bear with us while we try to find a comfortable temperature for your workout that maximizes air flow.

  5. 5.If you have allergies and are sneezing -- please cover your mouth, wear a mask, or stay home - as sneezing can spread the virus up to 20 feet! 

  6. 6.Sessions are reduced to 50 minutes so there is time to disinfect between clients.

After your session:

  1. 1.You are responsible for disinfecting your apparatus, bench, box, bars, and anything you touched. We are using a product called "Force of Nature" that's popular with Pilates studios. It's on the EPA approved list and is less toxic than Clorox and Lysol wipes!

  2. 2.Sanitize hands, first wipe down the machines to clean

  3. 3.Then spray enough disinfectant to cover the machine and leave wet! Product needs 10 minutes to dry and kill the virus. (You do not need to wait.)

  4. 4.Straps and handles will be used once and go into a bin for steam cleaning at the end of the day. Floors will also be steam cleaned. If you brought your own straps you will disconnect and bring them home to be cleaned.


And Please ... If you or anyone in your household tests positive, notify the studio immediately so that we can do proper contact tracing and keep everyone safe!

Thank you for following these protocols!


Mind 2 Body Fitness

60 Valley St., Unit 27

Providence, RI 02909