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THe CLient Workshop Series

Our monthly workshop series for Clients is presented at the gorgeous 2-story Mind 2 Body Fitness Studio in Providence, RI.  Each Workshop focuses a special topic to help improve your fitness and health ... Featuring a different teacher each month! 

Each Workshop will:

  1. BulletLast 1.5 to 2 hours in length to dive deep into a topic

  2. BulletCost $45 - $75 (Pay with your existing package!)

  3. BulletInclude a combination of Lecture, Demo, Discussion, and Exercises on the Mat and The Pilates Equipment

  4. BulletDeliver specific strategies to improve your everyday life plus your workouts!

  5. BulletIncorporate a Q&A Session to address your issues!

Why So Wonky? Handling Your Hypermobility

Are you one of those people whose elbows and knees bend back? Do you have a hard time “feeling” the correct muscles during an exercise or especially during a stretch?   You may call yourself hypermobile but do you know what that even means? There is a difference between being flexible and having hypermobile joints. Did you know you can be hypermobile and still have really tight muscles?  Finally, learn some tricks to use during your Pilates workout to get the most out of every move!

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. BulletThe definition of hypermobility and hyperlaxity, where it comes from, and how to know if you really have it?

  2. BulletSome surprising issues that come along with wonky bodies (like cold hands and feet!)

  3. Bulletthe basic design and functionality of joints and muscles and how they may work differently in a “wonky” body

  4. BulletSome general strategies for addressing hypermobility in every day movement

  5. BulletSome specific strategies for strengthening and stretching each joint during a Pilates session or any workout!

Why does my _____ do That? Anatomical Oddities and What To Do About Them

You’re moving through your Pilates class with precision and grace when all of a sudden you are stopped by that weird thing -- You know, your hip clunks, your shoulder twinges, your spine thunks every time you twist. You look around at everyone else performing an exercise with seeming ease while you are barely holding it together. Do you ever wonder “How do some people turn their legs out that far?? Why do some people fly into extension while it takes all my effort to just peek off the mat? Why do I struggle to balance on the right leg but not the left?”

All bodies are not created equal and the answers to these questions may be simple or very complex depending on the root of these physical foibles.  But there are a set of common “oddities” that many people encounter and they can be explained! 

In this workshop you will:

  1. BulletLearn some common anatomical oddities and their possible causes

  2. BulletUnderstand the basic structure and function of muscles and bones how they work together to produce movement

  3. BulletReview what happens in your body when movements don’t happen as designed

  4. BulletAddress why some bodies may do “that thing”, if you need to fix it, and  how?

  5. BulletExplore some Pilates exercises as they relate to anatomical oddities

Bring your issues and a willingness to experiment with movement in new ways; and maybe we can change the movement patterns and conditions that underlie that “weird thing” for you!


Reduce Your Risk: Exercise for Osteoporosis and Other Back Issues

Do you have Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Herniated Disc or other Back Issues? Many Pilates exercises are dangerous for women (and men) with bone loss. Even though they feel good, you may be causing bone fractures! Do you know what to do to reduce your risk of fracture and keep your spine safe? In this workshop you will learn:

  1. Bullet6 Principles for Exercises with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and other Back Issues

  2. Bullet45 Different Standing and Mat Exercises

  3. BulletWhich Pilates Equipment exercises to embrace & avoid

  4. BulletHow to add weights and props to your workout

  5. BulletHow to perform daily movements in neutral spine

  6. BulletHow to modify your workouts in any class to be effective and challenging ... but safe!

Mind 2 Body Fitness

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Providence, RI 02909

Want to hit your ball consistently farther & straighter, with more accuracy, less pain and fewer injuries? Did you know that you may be doing stretches that set the body up for injury? The Golf Conditioning workshop introduces you to the power of Pilates for golf. You will learn:

  1. BulletPre-game warm up exercises and post-game stretches that will help improve all aspects of your wellbeing and golf game

  2. BulletProper breathing techniques

  3. BulletHow to engage the abdominals to add power behind your swing

  4. BulletProper biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, and hips while in and out of the address position and how this affects golf swing

  5. BulletA series of anatomical tests to look for swing faults such as: Loss of posture, Flat shoulder plane, Over-the-top, Sway, Slide, Reverse Spine Angle, Casting and more!

  6. BulletExercises to address swing faults, improve body movement, prevent injury and increase stamina to play!

Golf Conditioning: Using Pilates to Improve Your Game

Inside Out: Gut Health for Whole Health

Did you know there could be such a thing as good bacteria? And did you know that that good bacteria is living inside of you as we speak? In fact, there is more bacteria in JUST your gut than there are human cells in your entire body! But what does this mean?

Your body is an ecosystem and it all starts and revolves around the microbiome found in your gut. When the gut is out of balance, it’s issues show up somewhere else on the body. So what’s happening on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside! Believe it or not, we can relate many inflammation, allergies, digestive distress, auto immune disorders, hormone issues, skin sensitivities and diseases to what is going on in our gut.

Please come to this workshop to learn:

  1. BulletHow all the systems in your body are interrelated

  2. BulletWhy you need to pay more attention to your gut -- is it even out of balance?

  3. BulletWhat you can do to heal yourself

  4. BulletWhat are probiotics exactly? And do they work?

  5. BulletHow to use“food” and exercise to contribute significantly to a healthy life - inside and out!

Cost: $50

Includes a 4-page Guide of Principles and Exercises

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Cost: $75

Includes Golf Fit Pilates At-Home Exercise Program Handout

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Special Guest Teacher!

Perri Panella is a certified Pilates Instructor, specializing in Golf Conditioning. She’s a Certified Level III Golf Conditioning Coach through Hole In One Fitness and Hole in One Pilates International, and a Certified Titleist Perform Institute Level II Coach. She runs the Golf Fit Pilates Program which utilizes the K-Vest -- a 3D Golf Swing analysis and biofeedback technology system.

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with Kelly LaFontaine

Cost: $50

Includes a Handout for Inside- Out Health ... Plus sample some Supplements!

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Cost: $50

Bring your own oddities to share!

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Cost: $50

Plus Anatomy handout and some strategies specifically for your wonky body!

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