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Maria Andresino is a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Thai Bodyworker and owner of Mind 2 Body Fitness. Her unique mix of many techniques helps you get results to stay de-stressed, fit, & healthy!

She holds over 10 certifications and has worked with athletes, dancers, singers, celebrities, and kids.  She has experience with pre & post natal clients; and those with a wide range of injuries and chronic diseases including Osteoporosis, MS, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Spinal issues, and Hypermobility.

Maria has become the “Teacher’s Teacher”... coaching & mentoring new instructors to pass their exams while helping experienced instructors improve their success with clients!  She is an approved PMA and ACE Continuing Education Provider.


Curious about Pilates or already addicted?

“I didn’t get pilates until I started working with Maria.  After one session my body felt tighter!”

“Maria has a way of explaining things... she took my pilates practice to new levels.”

“It’s always fun and interesting because she mixes it up.  Every workout is different.  That’s why I’ve been with her for years!”

“I learn something new every time I work with Maria that I then pass on to my clients. She makes me a better teacher. ”

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“Teaser on the Chair ... With a Twist”

This exercise works core and balance big time! You also get a nice chest stretch and a delicious twist! We are using the Balanced Body Exo chair and classical Wunda Chair with one spring on a light to medium setting. We do the first set with hooked feet ... then move to table top ... and then with straight legs in Teaser!

  1. 1.Start sitting tall near the front edge of the chair.

  2. 2.Bring arms up and then behind to find the pedal.

  3. 3.Lean back to a flat spine (or extend into swan - being careful not to pop the ribs or compress the low back)

  4. 4.Perform a small round up 4x. On the fifth one, release the pedal with both arms at the same time, roll up, and balance in teaser on top of the chair!

  5. 5.Repeat with a twist to each side - lift first, twist the torso, lean back and place one hand on the pedal - the other is reaching away from your center. Keep the opposite hip down!

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“Being both a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor gives her a great toolkit - and she knows how to use it!”

Want to take your teaching to the next level?

“...Now that’s what it’s like to have a session with the Master! ”

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