Maria Andresino

Owner, Senior Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer 

… was in corporate America for 15 years (and teaching aerobics for fun!)  After being laid off in the late 90’s, she spent 2 months in Maui earning a Personal Training Certification. She lost 30 pounds, discovered a new passion, and never looked back!

She’s been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years in a variety of settings including big and small gyms, private studios, physical therapy offices, and in-home training. She holds over 10 certifications and has worked with athletes, dancers, singers, celebrities, and kids.  She has experience with pre & post natal clients; and those with a wide range of injuries and chronic diseases.

Clary Healy

Senior Pilates Teacher

…has been practicing Pilates since 2005 and completed her original Teacher Training Certification from Jen McWalters Studio Teacher Training Program in 2007. She received her Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certification in 2009 and maintains her Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher designation through the PMA.

Like many Pilates instructors, Clary is an education junkie and has continued her studies with Master Teachers all over the country including Cara Reeser, Kelly Kane, and Irene Dowd. She has particular expertise in helping clients recover from Diastasis Recti and other postnatal issues. 

Amy Cardin

Pilates Teacher

Amy first fell in love with Pilates as a kid while studying classical and contemporary ballet in Orange County, California. She spent her summers training with the American Ballet Theatre and was on track to become a professional dancer before a severe injury ended her dance career. After surgery, it was Pilates that aided in her recovery and allowed her to remain actively involved in fitness. After college Amy became a certified Personal Trainer, Zumba, and POUND Pro instructor, but it’s Pilates that continues to be her professional passion.

Wendy Pucci

Pilates Teacher

…is a Rhode Island native who calls herself a “late bloomer” when it comes to fitness. For her prior career, Wendy worked in the Culinary Arts as a private chef aboard yachts; at ski chalets in the Alps; and on English Estates. She and her husband worked as a Captain and Cook team on charters cruising the East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico. 

After 16 years of taking care of everyone else, Wendy retired from her culinary career in 2006. She had her first taste of Pilates, Barre, and Lagree studying in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and Seattle, WA and was quickly hooked by the way it changed her body. 

Lindsey Corrado Pilates teacher at Mind 2 Body Fitness in Providence RI.

Lindsey Corrado

Pilates Teacher

Looking for a change after spending her younger years as a dancer, Lindsey’s passion for Pilates began in college when she visited one of the original Joseph Pilates studios in Becket, Massachusetts as part of a PE course. She loved the connection of pilates with dance and transitioned easily into the Matwork. It wasn’t until she moved to the Middle East that her interest in Pilates further developed once she was introduced to the Reformer. She loved the way it made her feel, and quickly saw the benefits of the entire Pilates repertoire. Soon after Lindsey decided to become an instructor so she could share her love for Pilates with others and in 2017 became fully certified with Stott Pilates. Now that she is back in her home state of RI she is looking forward to connecting with the Pilates community at Mind 2 Body Fitness!

Experts in high-quality education

Fiona Kitchen

Pilates Teacher

Born and raised in the UK, Fiona trained as a ballet dancer from the age of 3. Her dance career has taken her all over the world — from Bollywood films, to Disney Channel commercials, to modeling for Burberry.

She was first introduced to Pilates over 10 years ago in London where she felt an instant connection to this movement practice. Fiona says, 

“The way my body changed from practicing Pilates was so much bigger than how my body looked, it was how I FELT. I felt stronger than ever before. My posture was better than ever and I had so much more body awareness and confidence. Pilates really was an instant hit for me.. I was hooked!” 

Niki Tattersfield

Pilates Teacher

Niki has been teaching for over a decade, having opened her own home studio where she has been using Pilates to help her clients recover from surgery or injury so they can return to their active lives outside of the studio.  

Niki found Pilates through a friend and, after being a client for a couple years, decided to become a teacher. She completed her initial apprenticeship through the Jen McWalters Teacher Training Program. Like all teachers, Niki has never stopped learning and has focused on an expanded knowledge of anatomy and functional movement patterns; attending many workshops with esteemed teachers from across the globe.

Eve Kerrigan Pilates teacher at Mind 2 Body Fitness

Eve Kerrigan

Pilates Teacher

Eve Kerrigan is a former dancer, coast-to-coast Instructor, Teacher Trainer and superstar mom! Eve began taking Pilates in NYC in the late 90’s. She quickly realized that this was the same conditioning exercise she had done in dance classes years before and was excited to be reacquainted with the technique. Eve went on to study Pilates and certify through Body Awareness Studio in Atlanta in 2002. 

She then moved to Los Angeles where she honed her skills under studio owners Mari Winsor, Sue Aglietti and Carlos Requeijo before opening her own studio, Reform School Pilates in Santa Monica, CA. At her studio, Eve partnered with a Physical Therapist to build and deliver a Pilates teacher training program for healthcare providers. 

Laura Barajas

Personal Trainer

Laura Barajas is an Executive Assistant in the finance industry by day and a Jill-of-all-trades by evening. While completing her degree in Fine Arts Laura was working as a dance instructor for elite competition dancers. She was inspired to pursue further certifications in the fitness industry when she realized that functional training and injury prevention was a critical part of ensuring not only the success of dancers, but also the success of anyone trying to live a long and healthy life.