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Pilates equipment sessions (In-Studio)

Pilates sessions are intense 55 minutes on one or more pieces of equipment including the Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, Tower, & Ladder Barrel. 

Every Pilates session is a full-body workout with emphasis on the core. With every exercise, you develop balance, posture, strength, tone, and flexibility.  Yes... Pilates can do all that in 1 hour!

Pilates can be done by all fitness levels. You will be coached to perform the exercises at a level that’s right for you.  Rehab-ing an injury, or competing in a triathlon .... don’t worry, our trainers know what to do. 

But be warned... the Mind 2 Body Fitness Studio delivers hard core training!  We want you to work hard, sweat, and walk away energized!

Maria Andresino, the owner of Mind 2 Body Fitness is an approved PMA CEC Provider and ACE CEC Provider. She offers teacher training workshops, classes, and private mentoring to take your teaching to the next level!

Getting Certified? She can assist you with observation and apprentice hours as well as give you the skills you need to pass your certification exams.

Already Certified? Take an instructor private, semi-private or class with Maria. Her years of experience have given here a treasure chest of techniques you can use with your own clients!

Whether you’re newly certified or have been teaching for years, Maria will help you gain and keep the clients you want! 

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Other classes (In-Studio)

Teacher training

We may also offer classes off the equipment that are designed to target your core and improve your functional fitness.  These can include:

personal training

In each 55-minute private or semi-private session you are coached through a series of exercises that combine weightlifting, endurance, balance & stabilization, and core strengthening activities.

Some of the tools you may use include dumbbells, bodybars, balls, bands, BOSU’s, TRX’s, kettlebells, jump ropes, balance boards, foam rollers, and your own bodyweight!

Each session concludes with a 5-10 minute stretch/massage for your major muscle groups.

Want to see something on the schedule?

Our Instructors can teach almost anything! Tell us what you want & we’ll make it happen!

  1. BulletTRX

  2. BulletStretch and Release

  3. BulletDance Conditioning

  4. BulletJump Rope

  5. BulletCircus Arts Conditioning

  1. BulletPilates Mat

  2. BulletMat/Tower

  3. BulletBarre

  4. BulletBOSU

  5. BulletKickboxing


Looking for a great place to train?

We offer Trainer Rental opportunities. Pay per session.  If interested, contact Maria at

Same as Pilates Equipment Rates Above.


2 Private Sessions for $99 (Regular $140)

2 Duet Sessions for $60 per person (Regular $90)

2 Trio Sessions for $50 per person (Regular $80)

2 Quad Sessions for $40 per person (Regular $60)

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Mind 2 Body Fitness

60 Valley St., Unit 27

Providence, RI 02909

  1. BulletRegistration Required

  2. Bullet24-Hour Cancel Policy

  3. Bullet6-Month Expiration

  4. BulletMajor Credit Cards, Cash, Check Accepted

Special Rates!

  1. BulletPrivate & Semi-privates w/Owner or Senior Trainer add $5

  2. BulletApprentice rates: $50 Privates, $30 pp Duets, $20pp Trio

50 min Private - $50

30 min Private - $35

50 min Duet - $30 per person

50 min Trio - $25 per person

50 min Class - $20 per person

Virtual Sessions

Work out in the comfort of your own home. We offer Zoom sessions on your computer, tablet, or phone. No equipment needed! Our creative teachers can give you a killer workout on the mat with or without props!

** Note: Rate change as of July 15, 2020

ARE YOU A Certified Pilates Teacher?

Want to work in the most beautiful studio in Providence? We are always looking for good teachers -- all schools and techniques welcome! Part time or full time. You make your own schedule!

If interested, contact Maria at


Get one free Private (Regular $70) if you refer a client who buys a package of 5 or more.