THE MInd 2 Body Fitness studio


Pilates and Personal Training in Providence, RI

A Great Place to Get Your Abs On!

A fantastic loft studio at The Plant, 60 Valley St on the West Side of Providence.

The M2B Fit Studio Has: 

  1. Bullet2 floors of Pilates, Personal Training, & Cardio equipment

  2. Bulleta Tuscan courtyard

  3. Bullet2 with a shower

  4. Bulletoriginal hardwood floors

  5. Bulletlots of light

  6. Bulletplenty of parking (w/security)

  7. Bulleta restaurant & bar next door

  8. (Just Opened... Bocado Wine and Tapas!)

  9. ... and the BEST Trainers in the City!

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Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body

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  4. BulletCall or Text  774-406-8222

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Offering Privates, Duets, Trios & Classes in:

  1. BulletPilates Equipment

  2. (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Tower!)

  3. BulletPersonal Training

  4. (Weights, Bands, Balls, and more!)

  5. BulletTRX® Suspension Trainer

  6. ... with NEW classes added all the time!

Want to see what a Pilates Equipment Class is like? Watch this video!


  1. Also Offering: The Studio Workshop Series

  2. BulletTeacher Training for Instructors, Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Clients

  3. BulletDelivered by Master Trainer Maria Andresino (PMA CEC provider)

  4. BulletPacked with info and exercises on the latest and greatest techniques!

  5. BulletPilates Method Alliance (PMA) CEC’s Available!

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Mind 2 Body Fitness

60 Valley St., Unit 27

Providence, RI 02909

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