THe Studio Workshop Series: for Teachers


Want to become a Better Teacher?  NEED CEC’s?

Maria delivers fun, interactive, and educational teacher training workshops that will kick your training up a notch! She’ll show you how to get and keep the clients you want! Plus get PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and ACE education credits. To Find a workshop that’s perfect for you check below.

If you’d like to offer one of these workshops in your studio, or have a workshop customized for you... contact Maria at

From Good to Great: Cueing for the Exceptional Instructor

What makes an exceptional instructor? It's the ability to truly get the point across... to enable the client to really "get" the exercise. Do you teach the same way to a visual learner as your do to an experiential learner?

In this workshop you will complete a "Learning Styles Inventory" to determine how you and others learn. We discuss and practice the art of cueing for different learning styles. You'll get tips & techniques for handling instruction, how to touch, and how to use "imagery" to get your point across. Integrating these skills into your own teaching style will help transform a good instructor into a great one!

PIlates & osteoporosis:  saving clients from bone loss

Did you know that Osteoporosis is called the “Silent Thief?” Many exercises are dangerous for women (and men) with bone loss. Even though they feel good, you may be causing bone fractures!

With our aging population, you should know what to do for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis!  This workshop explores how the disease develops, how it's diagnosed, and the latest scientific research on how to treat it .... including the design of safe and effective workouts. Trainers will learn how to deliver Pilates Mat, Apparatus, and Personal Training sessions targeted at saving clients from bone loss and stopping the "Silent Thief!"

The workshop includes a 1.5 hour Mat Workout with Props targeted for clients dealing with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis who want to learn how to modify all exercises to be effective but safe! We'll perform 45 Exercises demonstrating 6 Exercise Principles that reduce the risk of bone fracture!

BONUS!! The content of this workshop is appropriate for general back issues like disc herniation, spinal fusions, etc. It's appropriate for anyone who needs to learn, perform, and teach exercises & daily movements in a neutral spine position!


Teaching W/ BODYWEIGHT: Harness the Power of Suspension Training

Click Here to watch a Clip from the “Teaching the TRX” Workshop at the Mind 2 Body Fit Studio.

The TRX® and other Suspension Trainers have become  the hottest fitness products to hit the market in years.... and for good reason. It is an effective and fun way to deliver functional training that really challenges the core from all angles and for any fitness level!

Join Maria for a hands-on workshop where you will experience the principles of suspension training and take home tons of exercises for legs & butt, upper body, core, and flexibility ... plus organize these into 4 different class formats!

Getting a little bored with your workouts? Learn how to deliver an entire Pilates workout on the TRX® and add suspension training techniques to the Pilates Equipment!


pre and post natal fitness  with Ali Kenner Brodsky

Are you comfortable that you know what exercises are safe when you’re pregnant?  Do you feel like you have to eliminate so many exercises that it’s not even worth it? As an instructor do you worry that you’re not giving your pregnant client a good workout?

In this workshop we’ ll cover the physiological changes during and after pregnancy and how they affect exercise.  You’ll walk away with a repertoire of Pilates exercises on both the mat and the equipment  that will keep clients and instructors motivated, comfortable, and strong throughout pregnancy and beyond!

“Pre/Post Natal” Workout 9:00 - 10:00 am

The workshop begins with a 1 hour workout targeted for  clients who are pregnant or recently delivered.

“Pre/Post Natal” Workshop 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The rest of the workshop is targeted for Instructors but...

clients are welcome to stay to learn more about how to create safe and effective pre/post natal workouts.

4 PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) CEC’s Available


Mind 2 Body Fitness

60 Valley St., Unit 27

Providence, RI 02909

This Teacher Training workshop is for both newly certified & experienced Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Therapists who want to deepen their understanding of anatomy & movement and increase their ability to program effective customized sessions.

In this hands-on workshop we go beyond the exercises themselves to examine what's really working... which bones, which muscles, what's stabilizing, what's stretching?

You will learn a technique for breaking down every movement so that you can better understand the reasons, the benefits and the dangers for a specific population. With the ability to break down ... and then build up any of the body’s movements, trainers can design better workouts and be better teachers!

This workshop is a “must” for anyone preparing for Comprehensive Exams (any lineage) or taking the PMA Certification exam!

Anatomy of Movement: Break It Down (To Build It Up)

Osteoporosis & Exercise Workshop   9:00 am - 4:00 pm

For Pilates Instructors and Trainers     

Cost: $175 (Includes a 30-page Guide)

“Reduce Your Risk” Workout    11:30 am - 1:00 pm 

For Clients                                                 

Cost $50 (Includes a 2-Page Guide)


Have you seen the billboards around town for the Body Worlds: Vital Exhibit? Want to see it through the eyes of a Pilates and Fitness expert? Maria will be running a Body Worlds: Pilates Lab. She will take a group of teachers and students through the exhibit with a special focus on Pilates and Personal Training -- muscles, bones, connective tissue, and how they all combine to create the movements we perform in class. Now's your chance to actually SEE all those cues that you hear in each session! You'll be able to see "under the skin" to how an injury can cause problems.

Maria will guide you through the exhibit while you go on a Scavenger Hunt to gain incredible insight into the complexity and beauty of your own body and how it works! Find out more at

Please Note: If you are grossed out by anatomy - this event is NOT for you! But if you're as fascinated by the human body as your teachers are... join us for this amazing workshop!

Tickets $25

including Maria's Onsite Lecture and Lab

...when the exhibit returns

Next Workshop TBD

Next Workshop TBD

Cost: $175 (or 2 for $300)

Includes 70-page Guide w/ over 120 Exercises!

Cost: $175 (or 2 for $300)

Includes a 20-page Guide loaded w/ Anatomy Info!


Next Workshop TBD

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Handling Hypermobility: embracing your Wonky Joints

Are you one of those people whose elbows and knees bend back? Do your clients have a hard time “feeling” the correct muscles during an exercise or especially during a stretch?  Can you identify the difference between flexible muscles and hypermobile joints? Did you know bodies can be hypermobile and still have really tight muscles?  Want to learn what to do with these clients? Come to this workshop and take home some tricks and techniques to get the most out of every move!

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. BulletThe definition of hypermobility and hyperlaxity, where it comes from, and how to know if you really have it?

  2. BulletSome surprising issues that come along with wonky bodies (like cold hands and feet!)

  3. BulletThe basic design and functionality of joints and muscles and how they may work differently in a “wonky” body

  4. BulletGeneral strategies for addressing hypermobility in every day movement

  5. BulletSpecific strategies for strengthening and stretching each joint during a Pilates session or any workout!

  6. BulletTechniques for cueing and successfully teaching the hypermobile client in private and group sessions.

All workshops cost $175 each

or register for any 2 for $300!

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Cost: $175 (or 2 for $300)

Includes a 20-page Guide loaded w/ Guidelines and Exercises specifically for wonky bodies!


Next Workshop TBD

Cost: $175 (or 2 for $300)

Includes a 30-page Guide loaded w/ Guidelines and Exercises specifically for wonky bodies!


Next Workshop TBD

Next Workshop TBD